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Limnic Eruption At Lake Nyos

Limnic eruption at Lake Nyos 1

Limnic eruption, also known as Lake Overturn, is a rare natural disaster that consists of carbon dioxide suddenly erupting from deep lakes which may cause suffocation of wildlife, livestock and humans. There is a possibility that a limnic eruption may also cause a small tsunami in the lake as the carbon dioxide rises to the […]

Water Power As An Energy Source

Water power as an energy source  2

Producing power with alternative energy sources is becoming more and more popular with today’s economy because people are finding it harder to pay their utility bills. Depending on where you live, you might be able to produce their own power with water. The hydroelectric power plants use the current of the water in order to […]

Are Solar Panels Good For The Home?

Are solar panels good for the home? 3

Many people are finding that is better to try to install solar panels to produce enough energy to power their home. When you consider all the other alternative methods to produce power to your home you have to consider what is going to be the safest way in order to do so. Windmills are a […]

Different Types Of Alternative Energy

Different types of alternative energy 4

The field of alternative energy has developed a lot in the last 50 years and mostly because man has started to realized more and more that we have to use better, renewable and non-pollutant types of energy. Renewable energy should be even more popular then the production of oil and coal, as the extraction and […]

Could Global Warming Prevent A New Ice Age?

Could global warming prevent a new ice age? 5

From the 16th to the 19th century the world faced a period of very cold winters which led to poor crops, famines and many other problems that made life on Earth more difficult. Although it wasn’t a real ice age the term ‘Little Ice Age’ was coined later. It is not absolutely clear what caused […]

Choosing A More Fuel Efficient Car

Choosing a more fuel efficient car 6

People purchase new cars every day, and the average person will need to purchase a new car at least once every decade. No matter whether you are purchasing a new or used car, choosing a more fuel efficient car is a smart choice for your wallet and the environment. Recently, most of the focus in […]