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All About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

All about hydrogen fuel cell generators 1

Oil has taken its toll on the world, especially on the environment. Additionally, gas prices definitely would have made a dent on your budget as well. Many people are decrying the rising oil prices, yet it can’t be helped because oil is a scarce resource. So much so that while the supply is steadily being […]

Organic Gardening: How To Create Your First Garden

Organic gardening: how to create your first garden 2

Organic gardening is not a new concept any more with many people these days looking to eat healthier without needing to pay the higher prices on organic foods that are sold within various organic markets of the region. More than this, many people enjoy the gardening to be an activity that enables them to relax […]

Brazil’s Broken Rio Summit Promise

Brazil's broken Rio summit promise 3

World leaders are in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for a major environmental summit. They will be discussing ways to create a sustainable blueprint for eradicating poverty and protecting the environment. The summit commerates the 20th anniversary of the original Earth Summit, also held in Rio. At that time, in 1992, the Brazilian […]

Top Causes Of Climate Change

Top causes of climate change 4

The rate of climatic change that is occurring in our planet is happening at an alarming rate. What is even more damaging is the fact that we try to look away from the dangers that are lurking for us. We often try to deny the fact the time is running out. And the alarming part […]

Climate Change And Conservation

Climate change and conservation 5

Climatic changes are apparent from the changing weather and altering seasonal patterns. Our planet is undergoing tremendous transformation in terms of climate. Temperatures are at all time high and it is expected that it is going to rise in the coming years as well. Almost every aspect of nature is going through dramatic changes, storms […]

The Most Eco Friendly Cars In 2012

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 6

Till the month of July, year 2012 seems really great for new innovators and designers in the era of automotive. From all over the globe, different car manufacturing companies trying to bring something new to the world which is more eco-friendly and has more power. In different exhibitions all around the globe many of the […]