How Climate Change Can Give Birth To Infectious Diseases

How climate change can give birth to infectious diseases 1

Infectious diseases are those diseases that can spread from one person to another through various environmental factors such as air, water, and direct contact and through certain medical procedure such as blood transfusion. Many microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and parasites are known as causative agents of many infectious diseases that can spread from one part of the world to another due to increased human movement. Many diseases that were known to occur among a small population has now spread globally since infected individuals could travel from one part of the globe to another in matter of hours carrying the infectious agent with himself and affecting many people in the process. Spread of bird flu is a classic example of rapid spread of infectious diseases all over the world. Spread of HIV in the early 80s also shows how HIV + individual took the disease out of Africa and spreading it all over the world. Growing gay population and the practice of having multiple partners only added to the trouble. Read more »

Preparing For An Environmental Emergency

Preparing for an environmental emergency  2

When disaster strikes you may not have the time or opportunity to purchase supplies. FEMA recom¬mends that you prepare an emergency supplies kit by buying and storing items necessary for survival and comfort if basic services — electricity, gas, water, and telephones — are cut off. The emergency supplies kit is an important part of the emergency planning that everyone should do. FEMA suggests not only that every home contain an emergency supplies kit but that you also outfit your car with a smaller version of the kit. (Your car kit should also contain booster cables, a fire extinguisher, a shovel, and a tire repair kit and pump). FEMA also recommends that your home be equipped with a portable container such as a backpack, duffel bag, or cargo container in which to carry emergency supplies should you need to evacuate the home. Read more »

Uncoiling The Facts About Ground Source Heat Pumps

Uncoiling the facts about ground source heat pumps 3

Ground source pumps exist from over five decades but now a day’s these heat pumps are getting a lot of popularity. The principle of these ground sources heat pumps are revealed by its name only, it works on the heat which is stored on ground and that heat is then transfer to your ground of the domestic water pool that you may have. The construction of ground source heat pumps are simpler, it consists of mainly three components that are “a collector”, “a heat pump” and most important “a heat distribution system”. If we talk about the collector component, it is combination or series of insulated pipes which are suppressed in the ground and generally these are 1.5 to 2 m deep. There is a specific mode in which these pipes are buried. The target of construction of this collector system is to make a large perimeter loop. Read more »

All About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

All about hydrogen fuel cell generators 4

Oil has taken its toll on the world, especially on the environment. Additionally, gas prices definitely would have made a dent on your budget as well. Many people are decrying the rising oil prices, yet it can’t be helped because oil is a scarce resource. So much so that while the supply is steadily being depleted, the demand remains the same, or it has increased. Global warming has also been said to be largely caused by car emissions. Some people try to solve this problem by opting not to drive anymore. While this is a viable solution, it is often inconvenient. After all, public transportation can only take you so far. Read more »

Organic Gardening: How To Create Your First Garden

Organic gardening: how to create your first garden 5

Organic gardening is not a new concept any more with many people these days looking to eat healthier without needing to pay the higher prices on organic foods that are sold within various organic markets of the region. More than this, many people enjoy the gardening to be an activity that enables them to relax while doing some physical work that is so rewarding in the end for them and their families as well. If you are reading this, it means that you count among those people who are looking to start this activity, but not quite know where to start from. It goes without saying that the first thing that you need to do is to design the garden in the most effective way. Read more »

Brazil’s Broken Rio Summit Promise

Brazil's broken Rio summit promise 6

World leaders are in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for a major environmental summit. They will be discussing ways to create a sustainable blueprint for eradicating poverty and protecting the environment. The summit commerates the 20th anniversary of the original Earth Summit, also held in Rio. At that time, in 1992, the Brazilian government said it would create a reserve for poor families who could cultivate the land in a sustainable manner, without cutting down the forest. Read more »