Climate Change And Conservation

Climate change and conservation 1

Climatic changes are apparent from the changing weather and altering seasonal patterns. Our planet is undergoing tremendous transformation in terms of climate. Temperatures are at all time high and it is expected that it is going to rise in the coming years as well. Almost every aspect of nature is going through dramatic changes, storms are severe and so are wind, ocean level are rising drastically, bringing along with it floods and droughts that create havoc in our lives. Animals, plants, and microorganisms have to adapt to the ever changing factors of the climate in order to survive. Changing ecosystem can accommodate only those who are able to adjust to the changes. Read more »

The Most Eco Friendly Cars In 2012

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 2

Till the month of July, year 2012 seems really great for new innovators and designers in the era of automotive. From all over the globe, different car manufacturing companies trying to bring something new to the world which is more eco-friendly and has more power. In different exhibitions all around the globe many of the eco-friendly concept cars were shown. If we specifically talk about the eco-friendly cars at Geneva Motor show then we will find many eco-friendly concept card and existing eco-friendly cars and below we have discussed a few of them. Read more »

Ten Advantages Of Recycled Plastic Lumber

Ten advantages of recycled plastic lumber 3

Recycled plastic lumber consider the standard material for manufacturing the outdoor furniture, decks, the railway ties and etc. This recycled plastic lumber is commonly called as plastic wood. The plastic lumber furniture is better in the strength as compare to normal wood material furniture and due to its strength plastic lumber furniture is costlier as well. Read more »

Water As Fuel For Water Cars: Reality Or Science Fiction?

Water as fuel for water cars: reality or science fiction? 4

Researchers have long been interested in harnessing the power of water to be used as fuel for water cars. The general public has been following its progress; but surprisingly, only very few information leak out regarding the progress of the research. This is odd, considering how aggressive the media can be. Studies have long been well underway, yet the public is kept in the dark. This article will tackle the issues that water as fuel entail, including how possible it is to convert water into fuel to use for water cars and why these information is withheld from the public. Read more »

Green Energy Sources To Consider In 2012

Green energy sources to consider in 2012 5

For those who aren’t aware, green energy sources are becoming very important for many people around the world. This is primarily because of global warming and its detrimental effects on the environment. If you aren’t energy conscious, you wouldn’t even know how using tons of energy harms our environment. The world can’t keep functioning on coal and natural gases, as its just harming our environment, including the wildlife. Global warming has taken a large hit from all the pollution in the air, which is caused by many of the industries and vehicles on the roads. 2012 has opened up doors to new green energy sources including renewable sources. Read more »

Power With The Wind

Power with the wind 6

Looking for alternative energy sources have been done for many years. People are looking to try and save money on their utility bills but really do not know how to go about lowering their bill. Their many options to choose from when you are trying to find alternative energy sources so you will be able to live off the grid. Living off the grid does not mean that you are abandoning society but does mean you are trying to stop leaving your carbon footprint all over the place. When you are looking for an alternative energy source, you should think about producing your own electricity by using the power of wind. Here are some things they you need to consider if you are trying to construct your own windmill to produce to your own electricity for your home. Read more »