Climate Change And Conservation

Climate change and conservation 1

Climatic changes are apparent from the changing weather and altering seasonal patterns. Our planet is undergoing tremendous transformation in terms of climate. Temperatures are at all time high and it is expected that it is going to rise in the coming years as well. Almost every aspect of nature is going through dramatic changes, storms are severe and so are wind, ocean level are rising drastically, bringing along with it floods and droughts that create havoc in our lives. Animals, plants, and microorganisms have to adapt to the ever changing factors of the climate in order to survive. Changing ecosystem can accommodate only those who are able to adjust to the changes.

Though environmental concerns do worry us, but not much is done at the administrative level throughout the world. Our approach toward environmental causes remains the same and we fail to understand the importance of conservation of natural resources and protection of endangered species.

Modern conservation looks beyond protecting forests and wild spaces from industrial development and pollution. The idea is to restore the ecosystem of an area to its native form. The entire emphasis is laid on the fact that the invaded ecosystem has to be reestablished to its prior form as it was before the invasion took place. Alteration in the natural landscape occurs with the advent of highly competitive ‘aliens’ species and they threaten the very existence of the natural ecosystem.

Environmental changes has been always been resisted by conservationists and preservationists. Environmental managers have in the past, introduced newer species hoping to increase the biodiversity and value of the resources and different natural zone. These new thriving species are now considered to be threats to the biodiversity and ways are being found to control their growth. These invasive species are being removed systematically with the help of insects and fungi, which selectively kill them, other methods such as poisons and bulldozers and chainsaws are also used for clearing these so called invasive species.

By eliminating fast growing variety they hope to remove some competition and make the natural area more cordial for their natural inhabitants. Foreign species are selectively removed by various methods so that endangered species have a better chance to survive. It is really disheartening to see that most of the environmental strategies fail to generate any positive result because of the environmental changes that threaten the good cause of conservation.

Climate change suggests that every individual species has to readapt itself with the ever changing nature of the environment in order survive. Every species of plant, birds, mammal, insects, bacteria, fungi, and even viruses are subjected to climate changes. Native ecosystem from the past is no longer supportive to its inhabitants and many of them are at the verge of extinction.

Climate change suggests that we can no longer experience weather that was there centuries ago. It also means that the environments can no longer support species from the past only those which can adapt to the changes stand a chance. This rapid change also promises to affect human civilization in the near future.

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