Upgrade Your Hobby or Craft Room

Many people these days have ambitious hobbies that require an entire room or even a separate shed to house all of their equipment and provide adequate work space. Likewise those who work from home as artisans or craftsmen need an organized space to spread out and function efficiently. Here are a few ideas for making … [Read more…]

Tips for a Greener Business

Going green has known environmental benefits, but did you know that it can help your New Jersey business, too? In addition to reducing your company‚Äôs carbon footprint, going green can help your bottom line. It can also help you to stand out from your competition and attract environmentally-minded customers. Here are four tips to help … [Read more…]

Weed Control for Your Lake

A well-kept lake can be a beautiful thing to have on your property, but it can be quickly overcome by weeds and algae. While this certainly won’t harm the ecosystem of the lake itself, it is unsightly, and it does interfere with activities such as swimming, boating and fishing.