Essential Disaster Relief Services

In this day and age storms and extreme weather events of unprecedented size and scale are pushing people from their homes and laying waste to property all over the world. The refugees of these occurrences will need to be cared for until they can return. There are certain necessary basics that need to be provided.


It is absolutely imperative that people have the means to get clean. Any humanitarian effort should include hygienic services. There are companies that can provide mobile shower units, with multiple showers inside of what looks like a trailer. Accessible, clean bathrooms are also a must. Most people will need basic supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap. A towel station might also be necessary.

Food Kitchens

Three squares a day must be provided to people that have been pushed from their homes by disaster. At least one of the meals should be served hot. People in an emergency situation are usually exhausted and stressed, so their bodies will be burning calories double time. One of the few comforts left to them will be a good dinner. Try to provide vegetarian alternatives and options for those with allergies, as well. It’s important for the meals to be balanced nutritionally, especially if kids are being fed.


Part of ensuring that everyone is clean and happy is to ensure that they can wash their clothes. Washing facilities will also help with the towel and bedding supply. It would be most efficient to separate washing machines into those used for clothing, towels and bedding. Don’t forget to make detergent and bleach available- it would be easiest to portion them out in quantities appropriate for the machines, so that they keep running smoothly and you don’t waste supplies unnecessarily.

Certain necessities cannot be skipped when guaranteeing someone’s well being. After shelter, being clean and fed are of utmost importance. If you’re in charge of refugee operations, be sure to provide all of these amenities.

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