Upgrade Your Hobby or Craft Room

Many people these days have ambitious hobbies that require an entire room or even a separate shed to house all of their equipment and provide adequate workspace. Likewise, those who work from home as artisans or craftsmen need an organized space to spread out and function efficiently. Here are a few ideas for making the most of your space.

Set up Definite Task Areas

Save yourself some grief and some time by setting up a permanent and appropriate area for your projects. Whether a small table with a raised edge and several drawers for beadwork, a table and a multi-compartmented wall to hold supplies for assembly line construction of a craft. Or maybe a light table for drawing with a side table for spreading out your work. Whatever your situation, try to set things up the way you actually use them.

Supply Storage

A drawer filled with empty paper towel cores, solo cups, or drink mix containers standing on end can be a great place to hold paintbrushes, art pencils, extension cords and other implements readily available. Equip a large wall with peg board panels to hang items near the workspace. Or you could use the metal shop in Portland Oregon artisans prefer to custom build a rack for you.

Lighting and Ventilation

If your specialty involves paints, solvents or glues then you will need to take the issue of ventilating your workroom seriously. Opening a window can be helpful cold air, wind or humidity could mean ruin for your project. Consider a ceiling vent like you would find in a kitchen or bath. Also, make sure you have task lighting near where you are working. Relying on an overhead light can increase eyestrain and even cast shadows.

With a properly set up workroom, you will likely look forward to spending time working on your projects there. You can experience less frustration and may increase your productivity by taking a little time to organize your space.

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