Could Green Energy Help With Climate Change?

Could green energy help with climate change? 1

The world has become incredibly dependant on energy sources, mainly because they have moved towards an industrialized society. As our needs increase, the countries need for energy would increase as well. When energy consumption grows over the capacity that we are able to sustain, there will become a very huge problem that the entire world would need to deal with. Today, most of the countries are using non-renewable energy sources, such oil, natural gas and coal. Due to these energy sources, both our environment and future well being is being disturbed. By going fully into green energy, we will be able to avoid any further effects on global warming and climate change.

There are millions of vehicles in the world today and all of them use fuel as its primary energy source. Fuel causes pollution, which directly increases global warming effects. Why is that? This is simply because of the green house gases that are being emitted into the air. In the end, all these effects cause major disturbances in the climate change and its patters. What is climate change? Climate change is the concept where human activity causes a change in weather patterns over a specific region. Global warming simply tells us by what percentage the weather has changed due to green house gases.

Today, you may be experiencing different weather conditions as opposed to what you may have experienced the same time three years ago. In Canada, winter was still around during the middle of May, which is something that never has happened. Many environmentalists have quoted this to be due to climate change and its effects caused by green house gases. So, in essence, you would be able to help with reducing the effects of climate change by switching to green energy. When you use renewable energy sources to power appliances, lights and equipment; you will be able to save money and help the environment.

Due to the increased need for energy, oil companies are digging up and land and emitting tons of pollution into the air. When more than fifty percent of the world is using non-renewable energy sources, it would end up causing a very high count of pollutants in the air. When pollutants and carbon dioxide content is high in the air, it goes right into the ozone, create the black hole we’ve all heard about. In order to reduce the affects of climate change on our country, we should all engage in green energy sources, such as wind power, solar power, bio-fuels, geothermal energy and hydro power. All these sources are renewable, which means that the original source could be recycled numerous times for the creation of electricity.

As a country, we’ve dug deep into energy resources that harm the environment, so the only thing we can do at this point is to choose alternative energy resources. As mentioned before, you should start looking into green energy for your home. If you are willing to; you install solar panels in the home, so that you could diminish the amount of electricity you use, which is produced from non-renewable resources.

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