Green Energy Sources To Consider In 2012

Green energy sources to consider in 2012 1

For those who aren’t aware, green energy sources are becoming very important for many people around the world. This is primarily because of global warming and its detrimental effects on the environment. If you aren’t energy conscious, you wouldn’t even know how using tons of energy harms our environment. The world can’t keep functioning on coal and natural gases, as its just harming our environment, including the wildlife. Global warming has taken a large hit from all the pollution in the air, which is caused by many of the industries and vehicles on the roads. 2012 has opened up doors to new green energy sources including renewable sources.

Any form of renewable source of energy could be considered as green energy. As long as you are not using a non-renewable source to create electricity; you are considered to be using green energy. Some great examples of green energy are solar power, wind energy, hydro power, geothermal energy and bio-fuel. In 2012, many corporations and manufacturing industries have switched into green energy, by going for renewable sources such as hydropower, solar power and bio-fuel. In Canada and parts of the US, city buses have switched to bio-fuel to be more energy conscious.

Hydropower: Hydro power is created with the use of massive amounts of water that entire a turbine system to create electricity. In order to create electricity from hydropower, you need to first have a large amount of water running through a dam, creating force that is enough to spin the turbine. As the turbine spins, it would create electricity which is then carried out to the various clients of the electricity providing company. You can’t really create hydropower from home, as you will need a vast amount of land to create a successful water flow and dam.

Solar Power: This is by far the best form of green energy that you should be considering in 2012. Earth Day in 2012 saw some great improvements, but it still was not what people expected. In North America, Earth Day was created to help save some energy. For one hour on this day, people would turn off all lights and appliances in efforts of helping the environment. If you truly want to diminish the effects on global warming, you need to consider using solar panel for your home.

To begin using solar power for your home, you will first need to install solar panels. Solar panels are purchased based on the amount of energy you need it to serve. During the day, when there is sunlight outside; the solar panel cells would be converting the sunlight into an electricity source which you would later use in the home. As the supply of solar panels increased in late 2011, you would be able to purchase cheap solar panels from a number of suppliers. Make the right decision and switch to green energy, as it not only helps the cause against global warming, but it helps you save money.

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