Individual Effort To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Individual effort to reduce carbon emissions 1

It is up to each and every one of us to contribute to the reduction of our annual carbon emissions to help save and protect the environment as best we can. When it comes to transportation, the advice includes using public transport more instead of the personal car or even switching to 100% ecologic alternatives, like bikes or electric scooters. If you have an electric car you can of course use it as often as you like. As for transportation for tourism, we should choose to enjoy vacations more close to home, to help reduce airplane fuel pollution in our atmosphere. If you do decide to use your car for transportation you should be aware that the optimal speed agreed upon by experts for reducing carbon emissions is believed to be at an average of 90 kilometers per hour.

For reducing carbon emissions at home, there are several ways of action. If we have an environment friendly computer, we have the option of lowering its power consumption, and CO emissions as well, and some even have counters that show exactly how much we saved.

There are online sites that have free clicks that generate revenue that is used to fight carbon emissions: at “” we can help offset 4 pounds of carbon dioxide daily and at “” we can use reward butterflies to distribute as much as we like toward, a site that has projects of reducing carbon emissions by involving renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation in their activities.

Recycle all that you can because items and products created from recycled materials require less energy in the production process. This also means less garbage and more reused stuff, which is a benefit for saving nature as well.

You should of course consider energy efficient appliances for all your house, and go for these types of products over your old ones. If you are worried about expenses, you should know that over time you will get your investments back through power saving.

Also, for cutting back on carbon emissions and saving power and money at home, remember to unplug all electronic devices (even chargers not in use) because if they are left on standby, they still use power. Shut down lights, television sets, radios and computers when you are not using them, that also helps.

Use environment friendly gifts for your loved ones like plants or donations to your chosen charity that helps protect nature.

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