1. 1ockedand1oaded

    this better be long…(you cant fit that many ideas in a 1 and a half hour movie then theres no room for plot development and then your no better than the movies in the nouties)

  2. drktigger

    I thought the movie did a really good job with making everything fit in together and not feel out of place. And I think the movie is about 2 hours so it is pretty long.

  3. bulldog9545

    This movie is amazing but it really isn’t as lighthearted as the trailer makes it out to be. which is somehow even better

  4. The2ndHorseman

    I looked this movie up and apparently is a comedy sci-fi thriller horror sounds and looks epic

  5. MrClamSmaka

    i agree with you, asian cinema really do give us some unique ideas. this is one hell of a film..

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