Saving Water For The Environment

Saving water for the environment 1

Saving water is important even if it is abundant where we live. There are people in the world where water is scarce and you might ask why don’t they move, but if you were born and raised in one place, where you had your specific culture and customs, it would be hard for you too, if someone asked you to go away and look for a new place to live.

Saving water is not too hard actually, because many of us are using more then we need without even realizing it. Let us think for example at cleaning – we could opt for showers rather then baths and that would save a lot (you can even turn the shower off while you are soaping yourself).

Reuse water! If you had a bath rather then a shower you could take a bucket of that water and use it to flush down the toilet with the already used water – simple, but few people consider this.

Use snow! If you get snow in the winter (if you have a winter season where you live of course) don’t disregard it easily, snow is great for plants in case you did not know instead of water from the sink.

Washing your car with a bucket rather then a hose can save a lot of water as well, as you only use one or maybe two buckets of water rather then a continuous stream of water for half an hour or more.

The water sprinklers in your garden don’t have to run all day, and it is not even productive to do so as plants being watered during the middle of the day tend to get easily burned by the sun. You should only water them in the morning and / or evenings. Also talking about sprinklers, you should adjust them to only water the garden rather then a complete circle that involves the house or car because it can do wonders for saving more water.

If your pipes are very old, people living in old buildings usually have this problem, then you should change them because you can loose up to 80% of the water before it reaches your sink.
One thing to consider is leaky taps, pipes, etc and getting them fixed.

If you are not a conservative person and don’t care too much about saving water, that’s okay because we can understand how you feel but think about it like this – saving water also means saving money from your bills, so you might want to think twice before acting.

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