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All About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

All about hydrogen fuel cell generators

Oil has taken its toll on the world, especially on the environment. Additionally, gas prices definitely would have made a dent on your budget as well. Many people are decrying the rising oil prices, yet it can’t be helped because oil is a scarce resource. So much so that while the supply is steadily being […]

The Most Eco Friendly Cars In 2012

The most eco friendly cars in 2012

Till the month of July, year 2012 seems really great for new innovators and designers in the era of automotive. From all over the globe, different car manufacturing companies trying to bring something new to the world which is more eco-friendly and has more power. In different exhibitions all around the globe many of the […]

Water As Fuel For Water Cars: Reality Or Science Fiction?

Water as fuel for water cars: reality or science fiction?

Researchers have long been interested in harnessing the power of water to be used as fuel for water cars. The general public has been following its progress; but surprisingly, only very few information leak out regarding the progress of the research. This is odd, considering how aggressive the media can be. Studies have long been […]

Choosing A More Fuel Efficient Car

Choosing a more fuel efficient car

People purchase new cars every day, and the average person will need to purchase a new car at least once every decade. No matter whether you are purchasing a new or used car, choosing a more fuel efficient car is a smart choice for your wallet and the environment. Recently, most of the focus in […]