The Most Eco Friendly Cars In 2012

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 1

Till the month of July, year 2012 seems really great for new innovators and designers in the era of automotive. From all over the globe, different car manufacturing companies trying to bring something new to the world which is more eco-friendly and has more power. In different exhibitions all around the globe many of the eco-friendly concept cars were shown. If we specifically talk about the eco-friendly cars at Geneva Motor show then we will find many eco-friendly concept card and existing eco-friendly cars and below we have discussed a few of them.

Infinity Emerge-E (Concept Car):

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 2

Infinity is the upmarket brand of Nissan which have brought themselves with Infinity Emerge-E concept car at Geneva eco-friendly car shows. This card is made up of carbon fibre body and beautifully constructed and it can easily grab eyes. This cars weighs around 1600Kgs and its engine belongs to mid range power engines as it can produce 400bhp of electric power. This car has got 200kph maximum speed and it can accelerate from 0 to 90 kph speed in just 4 seconds.

Pininfarina Cambiano:

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 3

It is another electric luxury concept car which looks impressive and it has two door designs. This car has got 60kW’s of electric power and it can reach up to 125kph.

Italdesign-Giugiaro Brivido:

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 4

This car is four seater prototype concept cars which has impressive exterior and its dashboard is beautifully constructed and has two LED display for both drivers and passengers. It has also got other luxury features as well. It is constructed using carbon fibre, aluminium and glass.

Honda EV-STER:

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 5

It is an electric convertible sport car which is also manufactured using carbon fibre and its overall weight is also less. This car can reach up to 160kph.

Hyundai i-oniq:

The most eco friendly cars in 2012 6

It is one of the special concept cars, which is an electric sport car with extending petrol engine. This car design can influence the design of Hyundai’s future cars.

It was all regarding the most eco-friendly card in 2012, moreover there were other eco-friendly cars that were shown at Geneva Eco-Friendly Car Show, but we have listed the top five out of them.

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