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Green Energy From Solar Panels At Home

In the Herefordshire countryside, a couple use solar panels at home to heat water and generate electricity in order to help them lead a good life.

World Solar Challenge 2009 Begins

Thirty-two solar-powered cars start long the trek across Australia in the World Solar Challenge 2009. The solar cars representing teams from 15 countries were flagged off at Darwin parliament house at 8.30am and watched by hundreds of spectators and world media representatives who gathered as early as 7am. Other than handling the solar car system, […]

What Is The Name Of That Solar Powered MP3 Player?

I was watching G World on Planet Green and saw a solar powered MP3 player. Does anyone know the name of it so I could buy it?

The Answer Is Hydrogen And Solar Energy?

What do you think? Because hydrogen will fuel all moving machines such as cars and trucks and solar is for all factories and air conditioners with this… no more pollution. I ask again, what do you think?