1. arinasa m

    Hydrogen is more like a repository for energy rather than a source of energy, unless we are talking about hydrogen in a fusion reactor.
    We have no hydrogen wells, and can not open a mine for hydrogen. It has to be made by using other fuels or energy sources.
    We can use surplus electricity to make hydrogen, but we do not have a lot of surplus electricity available. Then hydrogen once made is hard to contain.

  2. mimita

    i don’t think that hydrogen is the answer for green planet. You see, people around us even you are craving for new technologies. It is up to us how to manipulates our way of actions for our planet to be green. If we used more hydrogen, it’s by product is water multiply with the number of cars in this planet.. there will be an excessive amount of moisture especially in the big cities which could leads to a big source of incubation of bacteria.

  3. donfletc

    Hydrogen seems like a good option, however, the research is no where near advanced enough. Many experts on energy say that hydrogen will take a few more decades to work, deliver. The transition from oil is going to be very tedious.
    Solar is a great option but very expensive. however, i love that these panels can be placed on top of roofs and such. Replace a roof with something that can give us energy, how great. But there still needs to be more research. Sunlight has so much energy and we should be working on learning to use it more and more.

  4. Antonea

    The biggest problem with hydrogen is that we are far away from having it abundant and cheap enough for use.
    Check out an interview with Dr. Buxbaum. He is a scientist who works primarily with hydrogen.
    He talks about the idea of a hydrogen economy.

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