Top Causes Of Climate Change

Top causes of climate change 1

The rate of climatic change that is occurring in our planet is happening at an alarming rate. What is even more damaging is the fact that we try to look away from the dangers that are lurking for us. We often try to deny the fact the time is running out. And the alarming part is that we human are solely responsible for all the environmental damages and the drastic alteration in the climatic conditions is a result of our mindless greed for development and progress. Emission of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, rising temperatures, rise in pollution level, that we see today is because of unchecked human activities.

The dramatic change that we are experiencing in terms of weather change is nothing but manifestation of the environmental damages that has been caused by humans. The big question that arises is whether the climatic changes that threaten every species present on our planet is a natural phenomenon or is it because of human activities?

Changes in the climatic conditions are natural and we often did not pay much attention to it until recently. The massive rate at which the weather is changing has made us all sit up and take notice. Sadly enough climatic changes are irreversible in nature and some of the causes, which have led to such phenomenal climate changes, are discussed as follows.

A change in the sun which is the primary source of energy of our planet has led to global warming. Though a natural phenomenon, but altering solar pattern can have serious consequences.

The way earth revolves around the sun can have an impact on the climatic condition of on our planet. Earth’s revolution around the sun causes the seasonal changes that we experience at different point of time in a year. Volcanic eruption can release different matter in the atmosphere leading to changes in the local environment.

Along with the above mentioned natural causes, there are man-made causes that have led to irreversible climatic changes. Human activities such as mindless deforestation, rampant use of fossil fuels, rapid industrialization, and increased use of automobiles have led to irreparable environmental damages.

So it is our duty to stop all those activities that may result in devastating impacts. As a modern man, we should be responsible to preserve our natural resources and help the Mother Earth to retain its green glory. It is also not too late and if we can take proper measures, we can contribute in retaining the pleasant climatic condition to a great extent.

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