Top Profitable Ways To Be Energy Efficient

Top profitable ways to be energy efficient 1

Being energy efficient and generally eco conscious shouldn’t be something that people need convincing to do – after all it benefits them to a huge degree. Someone who is eco conscious doesn’t only do less damage to the planet, but will normally save a lot of money and make themselves healthier in the process. If you aren’t tempted to go green for the sake of the planet then, then there are plenty of monetary incentives that might just win you over. Here we will look at some of the top examples of green lifestyle changes that will also please your bank manager…

Switching to Renewable Energy

Switching to renewable energy must be the pinnacle of ways to save money by going green. When you switch to a renewable energy source you are basically liberating yourself from your usual energy providers and this way saving yourself huge amounts of money on your regular energy bills. There are some extreme ways you can do this by switching entirely to green energy for your home appliances but doing this of course requires a lot of work and an initial expense to install lots of solar panels on your roof. There are other ways you can switch to renewable energy sources though too, for instance by just using solar lights in your garden instead of ones that plug in, or by using a solar heat pump if you have a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

Using Energy Efficient Products

Whether it’s energy efficient lightbulbs or whole washing machines and appliances with higher efficiency ratings, making sure that you use the most efficient products will mean that your energy bill is less at the end of the month. If it’s something you use on a regular basis too then this can really add up.

Walking/Cycling/Getting the Bus

Driving to work every day is something that can add up to be a lot more expensive than you realise and this is down to not only the cost of petrol but also the toll it takes on your car (meaning more services) and the cost of parking (for some of us anyway).

By walking or cycling then it’s possible to completely remove the cost of commuting while other green options such as using public transport or lift shares can also save you a lot of money. At the same time this is one of the examples that also has other benefits as it can help improve your fitness as well.

Being Water Efficient

It’s not just energy efficiency that you should be concerned with if you’re trying to go green but also efficiency with other things like your water. By making sure you don’t keep your taps running while doing our teeth and generally avoiding wasting water we can reduce our water bill and at the same time use less energy to clean the water that’s there.

Running an Organic Garden

If you’re really buying into the whole green lifestyle then you’ll want to set up your own organic garden which will allow you to give something back to the environment in the form of fresher oxygen and habitats and food for local wildlife. Running an organic garden will also help save you money though too as it will enable you to grow your own fruit and veg and thus reduce your monthly shopping costs.

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