Uncoiling The Facts About Ground Source Heat Pumps

Uncoiling the facts about ground source heat pumps 1

Ground source pumps exist from over five decades but now a day’s these heat pumps are getting a lot of popularity. The principle of these ground sources heat pumps are revealed by its name only, it works on the heat which is stored on ground and that heat is then transfer to your ground of the domestic water pool that you may have. The construction of ground source heat pumps are simpler, it consists of mainly three components that are “a collector”, “a heat pump” and most important “a heat distribution system”. If we talk about the collector component, it is combination or series of insulated pipes which are suppressed in the ground and generally these are 1.5 to 2 m deep. There is a specific mode in which these pipes are buried. The target of construction of this collector system is to make a large perimeter loop.

Another things, on which the length of the ground pipes depends is the size of your home which is to be heated. This
collector component is one of the most important because more will be the area of loop configuration and more will be the heat out of the ground. The heat in the pipes from ground is transferred through a special mixture which is present in the pipes. This special liquid mixture includes anti-freezing chemical and water.

After the collector component, another most important component comes in its role, i.e. heat exchanger, which is responsible for heat exchange between liquid mixture and heat pump. After this heat exchanging step, final and third component comes in its role i.e. distributer. This heat distributer distributes the heat though radiators in the house. In similar way, the ground source heat pump for heating water works.

As these ground source heat pumps working on heat present in the ground, so no doubt in that it is beneficial. Ground heat is also as solar power which is a renewable source of energy. There is only one drawback of this ground source heat pump that we have to give a reliable electricity supply to heat pump. It was all regarding the uncoiling facts about ground source heat pumps.

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