Learning What Exactly Going Green Means

Learning what exactly going green means

Green energy is a term that is widely used nowadays and is a movement that is quickly catching on. Going green means being more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of resources you utilize. Taking care of the earth is a global effort which is why other parts of the world are going green as well. This article will help you to understand the green movement a little more so that you can take part in the Texas wildlife exemption plan and world wide effort of preserving the earth for future generations. Read more »

Tips To Save Energy Costs

Tips to save energy costs

Energy costs are going up, and it gets harder and harder to pay the high energy costs. It is not difficult, though, to save energy. There are a few simple things that you can do to save energy, and cut your energy bill every month. Make sure that your appliances are clean and well maintained. Your refrigerator, for example, will use more energy when the coils are dirty. Clean coils allow the air to flow more freely, making your refrigerator more efficient. You can also save energy by cleaning or replacing your furnace and air conditioner filters. Read more »

Video Of Meteorite Crash In The Urals Region, Russia

Meteor exploding in the skies is quite an unusual wake-up call. Many people in the Russian Urals region woke up to this sight on Friday morning. The powerful blast smashed windows and rattled houses, causing widespread panic. This is a spectacular dash cam video of the meteorite fireball falling in Urals.

Sunflowers Inspiring Solar Scientists

Sunflowers inspiring solar scientists

Since their popularization, one of the biggest drawbacks to solar panels has been finding somewhere suitable on your property to place them in order to soak up as much sun as possible. For those without south facing roofs this has been an uphill struggle, but new technology from the University of Wisconsin Madison inspired by the simple sunflower could be about to change that.

Although there are solar power systems on the market which use GPS in order to attempt to reposition the panel throughout the day and catch the most sunlight, this method is not as efficient as it could be, as it requires motors to power the panels. The lack of a dynamic reaction to the sun’s position also means that the panels won’t necessarily be catching as much sunlight as they could. Read more »

Top Profitable Ways To Be Energy Efficient

Top profitable ways to be energy efficient

Being energy efficient and generally eco conscious shouldn’t be something that people need convincing to do – after all it benefits them to a huge degree. Someone who is eco conscious doesn’t only do less damage to the planet, but will normally save a lot of money and make themselves healthier in the process. If you aren’t tempted to go green for the sake of the planet then, then there are plenty of monetary incentives that might just win you over. Here we will look at some of the top examples of green lifestyle changes that will also please your bank manager…

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