Top Profitable Ways To Be Energy Efficient

Top profitable ways to be energy efficient 1

Being energy efficient and generally eco conscious shouldn’t be something that people need convincing to do – after all it benefits them to a huge degree. Someone who is eco conscious doesn’t only do less damage to the planet, but will normally save a lot of money and make themselves healthier in the process. If you aren’t tempted to go green for the sake of the planet then, then there are plenty of monetary incentives that might just win you over. Here we will look at some of the top examples of green lifestyle changes that will also please your bank manager…

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Ten Tiny Changes You Can Make To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Ten tiny changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint 2

There is a mistaken belief among some people that ‘going green’ and trying to use less energy has to be a big deal and will take you a lot of time. People think that it must take effort to save the planet (Superman never makes it look easy…) and that it’s something they need to give a lot of time and thought to. For these reasons (and several others), many people just don’t get round to changing their lifestyles to make them better for the planet. This is a big mistake though as there’s plenty you can do to make a difference that will take no time at all. Here are a few examples of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint that require barely any effort at all and won’t take more than a minute of your time. This is how easier it really is – so no more excuses!  Read more »

Five Simple Tips For Running A More Energy Efficient Business

Five simple tips for running a more energy efficient business 3

Business owners have even more to gain than homeowners when it comes to increasing their energy efficiency levels. The average business consumes significantly more energy than the average home and small differences can therefore add up to large savings in terms of both energy costs and environmental harm.If you are a business owner, small or otherwise, and you are wondering how you can cut back on your companies energy usage, here are a few simple tips for doing just that. Read more »

Global Warming And Climate Change: A Direct Relationship Affecting Our Planet

Global warming and climate change: A direct relationship affecting our planet 4

Is the Earth warming?

Is this warming is caused by pollution?

Will the change in climate bring violent weather, storms, floods, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, desertification of large areas etc.?

All these issues are exciting and controversial. It is logically so because we are talking about a problem with serious implications on the lives of millions of people. The scientific evidence is not entirely clear, but in 1995 the leading international body that oversees all research on this issue, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wrote in one of its reports: “The body of evidence suggests some degree of human influence on global climate.”

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Ways You Are Wasting Energy Right Now

Ways you are wasting energy right now 5

There are countless articles on the web about how to save energy and about how much damage we’re doing to the environment by leaving out devices on, but while these are often very informative and very useful, they don’t always make quite the impact they should. The problem often is that we read the articles and make note of the various suggestions, but that we then often forget about them by the time it actually comes to time to make a change. We learn about how to save energy and how to be more energy efficient, but by the time we are actually using that energy again we’re in a hurry and we’ve forgotten all those tips.

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How Climate Change Can Give Birth To Infectious Diseases

How climate change can give birth to infectious diseases 6

Infectious diseases are those diseases that can spread from one person to another through various environmental factors such as air, water, and direct contact and through certain medical procedure such as blood transfusion. Many microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and parasites are known as causative agents of many infectious diseases that can spread from one part of the world to another due to increased human movement. Many diseases that were known to occur among a small population has now spread globally since infected individuals could travel from one part of the globe to another in matter of hours carrying the infectious agent with himself and affecting many people in the process. Spread of bird flu is a classic example of rapid spread of infectious diseases all over the world. Spread of HIV in the early 80s also shows how HIV + individual took the disease out of Africa and spreading it all over the world. Growing gay population and the practice of having multiple partners only added to the trouble. Read more »